Whale Bamboo Pillow

whale bamboo pillow

If you have a love of natural beauty, you will appreciate the Whale Bamboo Pillow as you sit back and relax. This is truly a unique and special item that will not disappoint those that take pride in their home or are looking for an alternative to a traditional pillow. Its unique look makes it an excellent choice for a room or office setting. With the comfortable yet durable designs the materials used are durable and lightweight making the covers very durable.


With the hypo-allergenic material the covers are made from the bamboo plant. The cover itself is also hypo allergenic with soft dense foam giving you the best back support. This is a great alternative to a traditional pillow. The design of the pillow is quite unique as it has a central core surrounded by three large "peaks". The center has a lip and the three peaking ends have small curves on each side.


Each peak is made of 100% natural latex and can be either natural acrylic, or latex free. The natural latex material allows you to adjust the firmness without any discomfort. With this unique material the pillow gives you a very comfortable feel, it doesn't give you pressure points like other traditional pillows.


The unique design of the whale bamboo pillow makes it very easy to clean. The covers are machine washable and will last for years. You can also use the natural latex to clean your electronics without any worry as there is no toxic chemical added to the latex.


The design of the whale bamboo pillow also provides a very comfortable support that will support your body from your neck to your ankles. Because of the design and the unique construction it also creates a much needed space for you and the person next to you to rest their head. It eliminates the need for a traditional end table. Because of the unique shape it creates and its unique design you will find it very comfortable.


It is designed to provide your mind with a comfortable and restful sleep. The whale bamboo pillow supports your body from every angle allowing you to sleep in a position that you are very comfortable. The different levels of density allows you to find just the right support you need. It also provides a wide and comfortable surface area for you and the person next to you. for a relaxing and peaceful sleep.


The unique design of this product is another reason it is so popular. Because it has the natural latex that supports your body, you don't have to worry about it causing a negative reaction to the skin. Because of its strong but gentle ingredients the result is a very soft and comfortable feel.


When you want something that has a more traditional design but is more luxurious than a traditional pillow then the whale bamboo pillow is a great choice. This unique product is one of a kind.


One great benefit of having a pillow like this is that you can have a long sleep at night. There is not the pressure points that cause you pain from conventional pillows and because it is made of whale fiber it is also easy to clean.


Whale fiber is very soft to the touch and is hypoallergenic. This means that it does not cause allergic reactions to those that are sensitive to the chemicals that are used to create the natural latex.


Whale fiber is also available in various thicknesses. From super thick to ultra thin you can find the perfect size and density that are perfect for your back, neck, hips, and stomach.


It can provide a wide range of support and is easy to clean. Since whale fiber is also hypoallergenic you can use it anytime of the day and still get a healthy and relaxing night's sleep.