Proper Care for Pillows Made of Bamboo

A bamboo pillow obviously is a bit different from any normal pillow in terms of characteristics and quality. It’s much better, too. So, naturally, you should apply a special method when cleaning it. A special process in that case, no doubt.

pillow made of bamboo

First, let us see what you need for cleaning a pillow. You will need a soft brush and a small amount of detergent. Brush the head of your pillow clean. You can use the washing machine for this job. Fill the sink up with enough water so that the pillow doesn’t shrink. Wash it well in lukewarm water.

Then, take a towel and put it on the back part of your pillow. This is to keep the pillow from absorbing the water droplets. Add a drop or two of your preferred scent into the towel. Do the same thing to the cover of the pillow. If you like to sleep on a fresh scent, remember to change it at least once every week or so.

After putting the cover of the pillow into the washing machine, make sure that you set the cycle to gentle washing. Adjust the settings depending on the size of your pillow. Then, fill the tub up with cold water and make sure that the agitating buttons are on the top of the machine. If possible, you can close the lid so that minimal amount of steam is released.

Now, you must-have bedroom accessories to protect your pillow. Make sure that the cover is completely covered by the cover of the bamboo pillow that you are going to wash. Add a good amount of silica into the water and let it stand there for about ten minutes before you remove it from the water. Afterward, fold the pillow several times to make sure that the silica is well-distributed inside.

Next, line the inner part of the pillow with a clean piece of fabric and add one inch of silica again. The next step is to add bamboo powder and mix it well with the silica. Lastly, line the bottom of the pillow with a fresh airflow filter cloth. This will prevent the dirt from entering your inner sleep surface.

With these things in place, you can now fill the pillow. Do this by putting enough filling into the pillow that it fills up the entire filling of the container of the bamboo pillow. Remember to add some pincushion stuffing inside the pillow as well. Now, you can now remove the fresh airflow filling from the pillow and cut the excess pillow material with scissor blades.

Finally, fold the bottom edge of the pillow made of bamboo and add a couple of silica beads. Add some mosquito coils and stick them on the base. These mosquito coils will keep bugs away from sleeping on your beautiful bamboo pillow. Put it into the air and let it dry. You have just had a nice and relaxing sleep!

Of course, we still have one more thing to do. That would be to find out whether bamboo pillows are also hypoallergenic. Bamboo pillows are hypoallergenic because they are made of naturally occurring bamboo fibres. Hence, there is no risk of triggering allergic reactions with either dust mites or lice. For these reasons, you can be sure that bamboo furniture and other bamboo products are hypoallergenic.

To make sure that your pillow is completely clean, you should use a wash bag. Fill the wash bag with warm water and mix in a small amount of bleach. Once this is done, you can already put the pillow into the washer. Use the gentle cycle with the gentle nozzle and you should not have to use a detergent. Keep in mind that when using a detergent, always mix the detergent in the water prior to adding it to the pillow case or when spraying it on the surface of the pillow.

After you are done washing your pillow case, you need to check whether or not the bamboo fabric has been dried by itself. If it has not been dried on its own, you can then go ahead and wash the pillows in the washing machine again. In doing this, you should remember that if the pillow case is washed and dryer was used, the pillow must also be washed and dryer as well. The bamboo fabric absorbs moisture from the air and from the washing machine, so do not force the process if there are still some pillows inside the case.

When your bamboo pillow has been thoroughly cleaned using the wash and dryer, you can already place it back into the case or you can keep it aside. If you want, you can also place it on a flat surface. Once you are done washing and drying it, you can already put it back on your cushion until it is completely dry. When that is done, you can already place the fluff back on your pillow and enjoy the softness it has.