TUOKEOGO Memory Foam Cervical Pillow, Contour Pillow for Neck Pain, Bamboo Pilllow for Side Sleeper, Back and Stomach Sleeper, 24“ x 14″ Queen Size (type1)




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Product Description

 Memory Foam Cervical Pillow Memory Foam Cervical Pillow

Contour Pillow for Neck PainContour Pillow for Neck Pain

 Bamboo Pilllow for Side Sleeper

 Bamboo Pilllow for Side Sleeper

Cervical Pillows with Pain Relief

Cervical Pillows with Pain Relief

memory foam pillow

memory foam pillow

Supportive Design

TUOKEOGO memory foam pillow match the natural curves of your body which offers great support for head and neck as well as the shoulder. It could keep your head never sink right down to the mattress, waking up with no more neck pain and headaches.

Slow-rebound Memory Foam

Our contour pillows are made from high quality memory foam, the core doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. The 3-5 seconds slow rebound memory foam adjusts to the natural curve of your body, providing you stress-free sleep.

Bamboo Cover

Our neck pillow has two pillow covers, the outer bamboo derived rayon pillow cover enables air to flow throughout the pillow. Allowing you to stay comfortable and cool throughout the night!

Neck pain pillowNeck pain pillow

Neck pain can keep you from waking up refreshed, but the right pillow can save the day (and night!). This contour memory foam pillow is perfect for you if neck pain is keeping you up at night.

You stay comfortable because the pillow adjusts to your individual shape, which allows your shoulders, neck and head to rest in a natural position.


Due to the temperature-sensitive effect of memory foam, low temperature, the pillow will be harder, when the temperature rises, the pillow will be softer. So in winter you receive a pillow some hard is normal, as the temperature also rises, the pillow will return to the original softness.

Product name: Counter Memory Foam Pillow

Product size: 24″ X 1″ X 4″ (Queen Size)

Weight: 2.2lb

Pillow core: Memory foam, 100% polyurethane

Inner cover material: 100% polyester fiber

Outer cover material: 40%bamboo fiber + 60%polyester

Use and Care Instructions:

Most of your sleep problems are due to long-term poor sleeping posture and inappropriate pillows and stress. So when your body tries to adjust to the correct position, you may feel uncomfortable in the first two weeks, but you will feel comfortable after getting used to pillows!Due to the folded packaging, memory foam usually takes 24 hours to naturally return to its original shape, Cervical pillows get the best support after restoration..Don’t put memory foam core into the washer or dryer.Our pillows are not medical pillows. If you with severe cervical pain, we recommend that you use functional pillows under the advice of a doctor to relieve pain.

Counter Memory Foam PillowCounter Memory Foam Pillow

【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】This cervical pillow is ergonomically designed to promote proper spine alignment and support the head, neck, and shoulders while you sleep, and the curved shape of the pillow is especially comfortable for back and side sleepers.
【SLOW REBOUND MEMORY FOAM】Machine foaming precise control of foaming temperature and time, the establishment of a stable resilience. High density memory foam, slow rebound, absorb the impact of the body, improve sleep.
【TWO DETACHABLE PILLOW COVER】The outer bamboo fiber hypoallergenic pillow cover resist allergens, keep your pillow dry, and prevent heat buildup. Each pillow cover is made of 60% polyester and 40% bamboo fibers. In addition, the pillow has a removable inner pillow cover.
【RELIEVES COMMON SLEEP DISORDERS】Our memory foam pillows can help relieve several sleep problems, including snoring, insomnia, migraines, neck and back pain, allergies, and TMJ,, great for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers.
【WARRANTY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE】With a 12 month warranty and friendly customer service, you can be sure you’ll have a quality product and hassle-free buying experience.