Supersoft Bamboo Pillow Protectors – Zippered Pillow Protector Case for Queen Size Pillows – (2 Pack Queen 20″ x 28″)




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Product Description

Bamboo Pillow ProtectorBamboo Pillow Protector

Breathable Bamboo Fabric

Breathable Bamboo Fabric

Breathable Layers

Breathable Layers

Breathable Layers

Breathable Layers

Soft Touch Bamboo Pillow Protectors For Your Sleeping Pillows

Sleepsia offers super soft bamboo pillow covers for young ones and adults. Its material is appropriate for sensitive people so that it doesn’t affect the skin. The soft touch similar to roses psychologically heals the mind and provides best sleep on your sleeping pillows. Soft and comfortable sleeping experience lifts up the mood and spreads happiness.

Bamboo Pillow Cover

These bamboo pillow covers are prepared with high-quality material and efficient technique to not let the users fall into the trap of allergens while sleeping on the bamboo pillow. Usually, allergens get stuck in the fabric and create nuisance at night by giving sneezing, cold and cough, rashes, etc. But Sleepsia Bamboo Pillow Protectors may provide a better protection.

Stay Cool and Calm With Sleepsia Bamboo Pillow Protectors

Sleepsia Bamboo Pillow Protectors are prepared with the bamboo micro fibre. The supreme quality bamboo knit pillow protectors repel the heat and provide super breathable sleeping experience. The ventilation is better and suffocation isn’t witnessed. As a result, the bamboo pillow protector may top the list of being comfortable and beneficial, both at the same time, especially in warm environment!

Bamboo Pillow ProtectorBamboo Pillow Protector

Hypo allergenicHypo allergenic

User’s Guide

• Unpack the Sleepsia Pillow Protectors queen size in 2- pack.

• Cover your very own Sleepsia bamboo pillow and see the difference.

• It will be an add-on to your sleeping pillows.

• The bamboo knit pillow covers can be closed with YKK zippers.

• This zipper is its strength.

• Machine wash these bamboo pillowcases when ever wish to wash them.

• Wash them once before usage. But avoid extremely hot water and direct sunlight for drying.

Supersoft Bamboo Pillow Protectors – Zippered Pillow case Protector for Queen Size Pillows – (2 Pack Queen 20″ x 28″)

Sleepsia Bamboo Pillow Protectors, available as 2- pack in queen size with dimensions 20”×28”, with YKK zippers, are one of the best creations by Sleepsia. Waterproof, hypoallergenic, durable, and super airy, these pillows know how to keep the sleeping users happy and comfortable. Bamboo sleeping pillows are incomplete without better quality bamboo pillow protectors. The outer covers add to the safety, protection, and durability of the pillows.

Product Name: Sleepsia Supersoft Bamboo Pillow Protectors

Pillow Protector Size: 20”×28” Queen Size

Pillow Protectors Quantity: Pack of 2

Pillow Protectors Parts: Bamboo knit pillow protectors with YKK zippers for complete closure.

YKK Zipper

YKK Zipper

Easy To Wash

Easy To Wash

Quality Sleep

Quality Sleep

Bamboo Blend Pillow Protectors With YKK Zipper

The YKK zipper protection adds to the durability of the bamboo pillow inside. This zipper leaves no chance for the dirt to get inside the sleeping pillows and ruin their durability. This zipper just doesn’t provide an ease to cover the bamboo pillow but also acts as a shield to protect the memory foam pillows.

Easy To Handle Bamboo Pillow Protector

Sleepsia Bamboo Pillow Protector is an easy to handle product. This is available as 2- pack in queen size with the dimensions of 20”×28”. It is super easy to handle these bamboo pillow covers as these are easily machine washable. Post washing in the machine on low heat settings, one may dry them. Avoiding direct sunlight or heat is recommended. Usage of extremely hot water, bleach, and other chemicals is a big no for these super soft and airy bamboo pillow protectors.

Enhance Quality Sleep With Sleepsia Bamboo Pillow Protectors

Almost everyone knows loss of sleep can root many psychological and physical ailments, including decline in the immunity. For better health and better life, quality sleep is important. And for quality sleep, we need to choose our sleeping essentials wisely. It is when Sleepsia Bamboo Pillow Protectors for your sleeping pillows come into the picture. It is recommended for the bamboo pillows and is a wise option to run your sleep-cycle smoothly.

Luxurious Bamboo Pillow Protector – Sleepsia’s premium quality, Bamboo YKK zippered pillow protectors are extremely comfortable and soft to the touch! Made of Bamboo micro fibre for that cooling effect to repel off heat so that you stay naturally cool during warm nights!
Bamboo Blend – Premium quality bamboo blend is temperature-regulating and stays cool, keeping you comfortable all night.
YKK Zipper Protection – Zippered Bamboo pillow encasement ensures a fully secured coverage and closure of your pillow.
Comfort Surface – Get sound sleep with these great quality Bamboo Knit Pillow Protectors.
Machine Washable, 100% Performance Satisfaction – The bamboo pillow protector is machine washable. If you do not like these quilted cool tech pillow protectors for any reason, then just let us know.