Summer Pillow U-Shaped Bamboo Pillow Waist Pillow Cervical Vertebra Reduction Pillow,Traction Repair,Relieve Headache,Hard Pillow 2Piece




Price: $25.99
(as of Dec 08,2022 22:42:55 UTC – Details)

Natural spine pillow, let you have a better sleep!
Cool pillow Being made of natural ecological bamboo makes it conform to the concept of green environmental protection.
Bamboo pillow for neck pain,Ergonomic U-shaped design relax your neck better.
Effective blood circulation of brain and neck, better metabolism ability of body, nice soreness relief on neck and shoulder, well cervical spine lesions prevention and a comfortable sleep can be achieved by using it for 5-30 minutes continuously every day.
Warm tip: Some of the users may can’t get used to the bamboo pillow at first as it changes their fixed sleeping posture. The new posture can be gradually adapted after a week of continuous use.
Be kept in a dry and ventilated place would be better since it is made of natural bamboo. Just wipe with a damp cloth and dry it in time if you want to clean it.