Saybrook Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow – Hypoallergenic Machine-Washable Bamboo Cover – Lion Down Alternative Filling Made with Cut Memory Foam and Microfiber Infused with Gel Beads – Standard/Queen




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Product Description

adjustable pillowadjustable pillow

Adjust the loft to any height

Customize your pillow easily by removing or adding back filling. Achieve perfect posture alignment in any sleep position you prefer for both him and her.

The pillow comes densely packed and lofty, which enables the full range of adjustment. If you prefer a thin, soft pillow, simply remove a generous amount of filling.

Lion Down AlternativeLion Down Alternative

Lie down with Lion Down

Lion Down Alternative is a special, luxurious gel-infused blend of memory foam and microfiber. The material is hypoallergenic, soft, and cruelty-free.

The microfiber technology creates silky plumes to mimic down while the memory foam provides viscoelastic support. Silicone gel beads passively regulate temperature, so you can sleep haute, not hot.

bamboo cover pillow texture softbamboo cover pillow texture soft

Feel the texture of the bamboo cover

The lustrously smooth and lustfully soft bamboo fabric is extra-breathable, hypoallergenic, and machine-washable.

Designed to evoke the Venetian waterways, the removable cover adds an extra touch of luxury to the Saybrook pillow.

pillow packaging reusablepillow packaging reusable

Reuse the packaging

Store any unused filling in the zippered bag to reduce waste and to keep some removed filling as backup.

The bag is designed to contain exactly the right amount of removed filling for a soft, flexible pillow when the bag is packed to the brim and the filling is stuffed as densely as possible.

Adjustable pillow alignment for side-sleepersAdjustable pillow alignment for side-sleepers

Adjust the pillow for perfect alignment

Adjust the pillow to any loft you wantExperience a pillow perfectly tailored to your body and sleep preferenceEach pillow comes stuffed with a generous amount of filling (Please allow 24 hours for filling to expand after unpacking)

Adjustable pillow alignment for back-sleepersAdjustable pillow alignment for back-sleepers

Works for any sleep position

Whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach, the Saybrook pillow has you coveredYou can get the perfect bespoke loft by removing as much filling as you wantYou can also adjust the firmness by removing more filling and fluffing the pillow for a softer experience, or keeping more filling in for more support

Saybrook lion down alternative pillowSaybrook lion down alternative pillow

Key features

Adjustable height and firmnessRemovable, machine-washable bamboo coverSilicone gel beads wick away sweat and heatViscoelastic memory foam with hypoallergenic microfiber plumes Premium materials

Fully Adjustable Pillow: Get the exact right loft and firmness level for your body and sleep position. Remove or add back as much filling as you want. Want a firm, lofty pillow? Simply wait 24 hours after unpacking for the overstuffed pillow to expand. Want a soft, thin pillow? Remove a generous amount of filling and store it in the pillow’s original packaging for safekeeping. Get the loft you prefer for both him and her.
The Highest Quality Standards: Lion Down Alternative filling is made with high-end memory foam for viscoelastic support and silky microfiber plumes that mimic the air capacity of down. The material is hypoallergenic, soft, and cruelty-free, and it comes infused with silicone gel beads to passively regulate temperature. The outer cover is now updated with a premium YKK zipper, widely known as the gold standard of zippers.
Lustrously Smooth, Lustfully Soft: The outer bamboo cover is zippered for easy removal. The bamboo cover is machine-washable, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and extra-breathable. Feel the soft texture and experience the enhanced airflow of our premium fabric. Designed to evoke the Venetian waterways, the gridline cover adds an extra touch of luxury to the Saybrook pillow.
Satisfaction Guaranteed: We know you’ll love this pillow, and we back our confidence in our product with a 30-day full-refund guarantee upon return, no questions asked. If this isn’t the pillow of your dreams or if the support isn’t quite right, then we can at least provide the best customer support.
Lie Down with Lion Down (Not made with real down or real lions): Lion Down Alternative will be the best pillow material you ever sleep on. Unlike other blends of memory foam and poly-fiber, our modern memory foam uses the latest in viscoelastic technology for true memory foam action. The microfiber plumes mimic down softness more closely than other poly-fill materials. No more lumpy pillows. The winged lion of Saybrook produces only the most comfortable experience.