Queen Linens – Queen Size Pillow – Aloe Vera Essence Bamboo Derived Rayon Memory Foam Pillow with Breathable and Washable Zippered Pillowcase – Cooling Pillow for Neck and Upper Body Support.




Price: $29.90
(as of Nov 28,2022 18:04:42 UTC – Details)

  • Queen Linens Pillows are designed to ensure maximum comfort with its premium material while you are in sleep.
  • Breathable Pillowcase allows you to have sweat-free night’s sleep. The pillowcase is made off 60% polyester and 40% Aloe vera essence bamboo derived rayon.
  • Memory Foam Pillow will adjust itself according to its users head and sleeping position. If you are not satisfied with the firmness of the pillow just put it in a dryer a few minutes and pillow will be so fluffy so you can easily sink into it and get the optimum level of firmness for yourself.
  • Neck and Upper Body Support is main duty of our pillow! Your bed is the place that you spend most of your time in your life , you deserve a pillow that will make you freshened when you wake up in the morning. Queen Linens pillow is just what you need!
  • Soft on the outside, but very supportive inside! Bed Pillows for side, back and stomach sleepers.
  • Vacuum sealed pack, Queen Linens Memory Foam Bed pillows are bagged in vacuumed sealed pack for safe and efficient shipment. Be the first one to touch it!

26×20 open size
14×4 vacuumed sealed pack
Queen Linens pillows are vacuumed sealed packed which allows us to ship and store safely and efficiently.
When its fully expanded the pillow measures 26×20 inches.Size with vacuumed pack is 14×4

  • Care instructions
  • After you opened the vacuumed sealed pack allow it 24 hours to fully expand or use dryer for 3-5 minutes for optimum use
  • Hand or machine wash in cold water
  • Normal cycle
  • Do not use bleach
  • Tumble dry, low heat
  • Do not wet or wash the memory foam

Made in Turkey and Imported
Washable, breathable, and cooling pillowcase helps you have less sweating problem during the entire sleep. Our pillow is made off %60 polyester and %40 Aloe vera essence bamboo derived rayon as well as super soft and fluffy memory foam which circulates the air and helps reducing the warm air in the pillow.
Soft on the outside but supportive inside helps you sleep comfortably. Forget about the sleep problems you had before; snoring, insomnia, neck pain. Queen Linens pillows are here to relieve your sleeping issues!
Viscose-elasticity and firmness, Memory foam pillow with bamboo derived rayon pillowcase, so it holds the shape all the time, bounces back after used and does not go flat unlike down filled pillows, firmness of the pillow will support your neck, shoulders and upper body
Premium filled material, 2in1 pillow with queen size pillowcase. Once fully expanded the pillow measures 26×20 inches. Pillow can be used either with pillowcase or without it, comfortable either way for side, back and stomach sleepers.
As a company policy and confidence in our product we offer 30 days worry-free buying option so you can return unsatisfied purchase in 30 days for full refund without any question asked