Kingnex Knee/Leg Roll Pillow for Sleeping – 20 x 8” Generous Size – Shredded Latex Foam Filling – Removable Bamboo Cover




Price: $34.99
(as of Dec 02,2022 17:36:47 UTC – Details)

Exclusive Guarantee by Kingnex

The pillow might be flat when you just open it from the vacuum packaging, put it in the dryer on NO HEAT and it will come back to it’s shape completely in about 60 minutes. If that doesn’t work, you can always contact us, the seller directly for a replacement or a return free refund.

About Filling – Shredded latex foam

1, Cool – Latex is naturally breathable and helps maintain a comfortable temperature with less heat up than memory foam,down,feather,polyester
2, Natural – Latex is made from natural material
3, Shredded convenient – Unlike the one piece pillow inserts which will lose it’s shape after using for some time,with shredded latex, you could always maintain it’s shape by shaking or flapping it

About Size: – 20″ Length with 8″ Diameter

Usually an elevation with 3-6″ will encourages blood flow for pain or pressure relief. Latex pillow is known as soft with responsive support,considering it’s not hard nor firm, Kingnex roll pillow is medically designed in size 20″ x 8″ so that it will decrease to the right height needed when laying on it.

About cover – Bamboo Cover

1,Breathable – The bamboo material is soft and naturally more breathable,which means less heat up during use
2,Easy to care – Zipper removable and machine washable

Ideal for most positions

Experience targeted relief with this round latex foam pillow which will reduce head, shoulder and back discomfort and promote ideal spinal alignment.

1.Under the knees – Add gentle support for your knees to alleviates lower back pain
2.Between the legs – Can be used as a knee pillow to therapeutically correct the sleeping posture or habits for side sleepers

The pillow might be flat when just taken out from the vacuum package. Remove the cover and put the inserts in dryer with NO HEAT in 60 minutes. After that, it will come back to it’s original shape.
Suggest Use – Great to be used under the knees as a knee roll pillow, or between the legs for side sleeping, or as a bolster to use under the back or waist for added support
Responsive Support – Without being hard, enjoy the responsive or resilient support with this shredded latex foam filled roll pillow, a unique feature of latex foam. The size is 20” length, half length of a body pillow with 8” diameter
Filling Material – Filled with natural shredded latex,which is known as more breathable than memory foams to maintain a comfortable temperature, natural material,health oriented
BAMBOO COVER – The pillowcase of the bolster pillow is made with bamboo blend fabric, which is known as soft with excellent breathablity for less heat up when use.What’s more,it is zipper removable and machine washable!