Cooling Memory Foam Bamboo Water Pillow | Hypoallergenic & Adjustable Queen Bed Pillows for Sleeping | Firm & Soft Head Support for Neck Pain & a Washable Zippered Non Toxic Bamboo Case to Stay Cool




Price: $39.99
(as of Dec 01,2022 19:21:24 UTC – Details)

The Water Bamboo Pillow from Simply by Papo combines everything you are looking for: ultra softness of bamboo, comfort of memory foam, soothing support of water, and a non-toxic hypoallergenic formula. Our pillows are built with the next generation of soft materials and clinically proven to relieve neck pain and improve your quality of sleep. Using water, the pillow becomes size and temperature adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect firmness and desired water temperature that fits your needs! Lastly, it will adjust to your movement, offering a smooth consistent sleep cycle. Why settle for a standard pillow, when you can have the best sleep of your life with Simply By Papo’s Water Bamboo Pillow!

  • All Natural & Hypoallergenic
  • Easy to Fill Water Pouch
  • Adjusts to your Movements & Controls Temperature
  • Built with next Generation Poly & Memory Foam Material
  • Clinically Proven to Relieve Neck Pain & Improve Sleep
  • Includes Queen Sized Washable Bamboo Pillow Case
  • Doctor & Therapist Recommended
  • Non Toxic & Eco Friendly
  • Dimensions: 21″ x 28″

How to Use:
Simply remove the cap and fill the pillow with hot or cold tap water. Too firm? Remove some water. Too soft? Add some water.

  • Water Temp should not exceed 100°F (38°C)
  • Water may be left in pillow for up to one year before changing
  • Tap water requires no additional chemicals
  • Well water may have a drop of bleach added to water

Prevent Leaking:
1. Securely place the rubber washer on the opening valve before closing the lid.
2. Use the funnel as a wrench to close and tighten the lid by turning the funnel clockwise until it feels secure.
Maintain Cooling:
To maintain the Cooling effect of the pillow, replace water with new Cold water every few days.
Prevent Leaking: Secure Rubber Washer on Opening Before Closing the Lid Using the Funnel to Tighten
Made in USA and Imported
Easy to Fill: Doctor & Therapist Recommended with Soothing Water Controlled Head & Shoulder Support
All Natural: Hypo Allergenic, Non Toxic, Washable & Ultra Soft Queen Size Bamboo Zipper Pillow Case
Improves Quality of Sleep: Adjusts to your Movements & Controls Temperature for a Good Nights Rest
Next-Gen Poly & Memory Foam Material: Combines the Softness of Bamboo with Comfort of Memory Foam
Clinically Proven Therapeutic Experience: Use Hot or Cold Water to Relax Tension & Relieve Neck Pain