More Information About Bamboo Pillow Covers

Viscose rayon is a natural fabric that can be used to make a wide variety of products including bedding, pillows, shower curtains, comforters and towels. It is generally a thick natural fiber that resists pilling and has been used for a long time in the textile industry. Recently it has made its way into other products such as designer duvet covers and bamboo pillow covers and accessories.


The fibers are naturally occurring, which makes them "viscose". Viscose is a fabric material that is very similar to cotton but contains less thread count than cotton. It has a soft touch and is often regarded as a luxury material for the bedroom. The pile of this type of material is approximately 6 per square inch and the density is approximately 20 pounds per cubic yard.


Rayon was originally derived from cotton or wool, but modern technology has helped to reduce the amount of water used to make it and the manufacturing process that results in a product with less water content. With fewer additives, less pilling and superior quality, this makes it an excellent choice for most people. While this type of fabric does not necessarily have a distinctive smell, it is generally considered to be a "cotton-like" smell.


The most common material used to make a bamboo pillow cover is bamboo. This gives a better feel and texture to the covering than cotton. Many people prefer the bamboo material to cotton because it has more natural luster and feels silky and smooth on the skin.


Bamboo comes from the bamboo plant and is the source of all the fibers that you will find in the products. It is grown in tropical regions of Asia and Japan and has many different natural textures that can be incorporated into the bamboo fiber. When woven into the cover fabric for a bamboo pillow cover, it becomes even more special and luxurious.


Bamboo is not only a luxury material for a bedding product, but can also be used for other products such as a throw pillow, decorative shams and accessories for spa baths. There are a variety of patterns available and each is unique to a bamboo pillow cover. If you need a bamboo pillow cover, you will find many unique and beautiful designs to choose from.


The best choice for any product is to go with a cotton-based fabric because it will stand up to many cleaning techniques. As a result, it is the best choice for an absorbent surface. Cotton will hold up well to all types of cleaning and will not fade or become dirty or stained. The great thing about cotton is that it breathes and is cool on the skin.


Rayon, however, is considered to be a "fine" fabric because it can easily absorb water and there is nothing that is designed to help with keeping the material clean. Many designers of bamboo pillow covers choose to use rayon because it is so heavy and expensive. Rayon actually shrinks as it absorbs water so it actually looks better on a slimmer body.


The price is right if you want a high quality cover for your bamboo pillow. Rayon is about half the price of cotton but the appearance is not as nice. If you buy a bamboo pillow cover with a bamboo base, you will find that the cotton lining is difficult to clean and is less durable than the rayon lining.


The lining material is made from bamboo and has added beauty to the bamboo cover. The cover material on the other hand is made from cotton and is not only visually attractive, but will stand up to everything that is thrown at it without fading. The texture and feel of the cotton lining make it much easier to keep clean and will not crack and rip.


There are many benefits to using cotton versus rayon for your bedding, but most people prefer the feel of the cotton lining for the comfort and quality that it provides when you go to bed each night for a good night's sleep. Cotton is a very soft material and has a longer lifespan than the synthetic materials used in most bedding. but that does not mean that it does not have any advantages.



Rayon and viscose are created from the same fibers and have the same durability and quality. that will not shrink, fade as quickly as the cotton lining will after years of being used for your sheets.